What Bill Gates Taught Me About Crowd Funding for Real Estate

In 1987, I sat about three feet away from Bill Gates as he presented a peek into the future, and the internet, to 2,000 real estate professionals at the Urban Land Institute.

His presentation about the upcoming internet was on a slide projector, as that was the current technology.  After his speech, no one had any questions.

The 2,000 of us had no idea what his talk had to do with business in general, let alone with real estate. slide projector Read Full Post »

Blogger Relations Done Right

For consumer-centric businesses, getting the word out today means working with bloggers.

You can get them to write positive stories simply by treating them right. blogger Read Full Post »

Get To The Top Of Google?

Ever feel stumped when you’re in a meeting and someone says “We should get on the top of the page for real estate on Google”?  

Well, here’s some information that will help you. And best of all, you won’t need to worry about filming a dog on a skateboard or a cat dancing to a hip-hop song to do it.  Read Full Post »

Please no more fancy flatbreads!

A new restaurant is getting ready to open in Newport Beach.  What’s all the excitement?

Ooooh, they offer a variety of flatbreads!  Now, in Scottsdale where the restaurant was launched, this likely is new to their dining options.  But in Newport Beach?  Please.  Everyone has flatbread.

Yes, flatbread is good, but it’s just not unique in this area.



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Floss Before You Brush?

For some reason, people are told to brush, and then to floss.

While flossing is super important to dental health, the problem is the order in which people traditionally do that.  After you brush your teeth, and they’re nice and clean, you then put in the floss and pull little things out — onto your teeth. Read Full Post »

Don’t give me lip service, give me a kiss!

At my bank this morning, there was one person in line behind me.  The manager walked up to him and asked if he would like to use the ATM instead.  Really!  Instead of offering to help his customer, he encouraged his customer to leave and not “bother” his employee, the bank teller.  Read Full Post »

Get Friendly With Boomers

As you likely know, Baby Boomers are the wealthiest, and largest group of consumers today.  And according to a study, Boomers are less loyal to brands than Gen X and the Millennials.  This presents a huge marketing opportunity. 

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What’s the third choice?

Somehow, it seems hilarious that at J. C. Penney, they fired the new CEO and brought back in the old CEO. Read Full Post »

Caution: Objects in Google Glass Closer Than They Appear

Last time I renewed my drivers license, I had to come in person because I was processing a change of address at the same time.

They made me take an eye test and I was afraid they might say I had to wear glasses when I drive (I passed without glasses). But now, I’m thinking that glasses will likely be the next thing not allowed while driving.

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SEO for hilarious cat television?

You read it here first: Actors may soon begin using key SEO words in their scripts.

When the powers that be are finally able to combine “television shows” with the internet, which is likely very, very soon, ratings systems will change.

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